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Appreciation Reception

Greetings Rattlers & Rattler Family,


Rattlers, Bernard & Shirley Kinsey, of The Kinsey Collection presents: The Appreciation Reception.  The Kinsey Collection has been on exhibit with the Houston Museum of African American Culture since August 2, 2014.  It will conclude it’s run here in Houston this year, on October 26, 2014.  The Appreciation Reception will be held on October 25, 2014 @ The Ensemble Theater – 6:30 PM.  Live music, keynote speakers, and food & beverages will be included in the purchase of a ticket.

  The Houston FAMU Alumni Association in partnership with The Kinsey Collection, is offering a discounted ticket price of $60 for the event.  The regular admission ticket price is $100, so it is a great buy!  The alumni chapter will be receiving a portion of ticket price in the form of a donation.  Below, you will find a link to where tickets can be purchased for this event, it includes additional ticket information as well information surrounding the event and other FAQs.   Also, as a matter of data collection and research, the alumni chapter is asking that you complete the poll below to express interest with whether you are interested in attending the gala or not…..and any additional information as to the events that you would like to attend or have the Alumni Association to put together in the future.  We appreciate the feedback!
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